x SignedApproval™

Digital ID proof of transaction approval, excepted by every major bank. Protects businesses against credit/debit/checking chargeback fraud.

Fast Fraud Reporting

x SignedApproval™ Instant Chargeback Fraud ID & Reporting System. Bundled proof packet sent to bank chargeback investigators instantly via fraud security sharing network.

Legal Digital Printing

Account holder identifiers: Email, Card ID, IP, Email, System account ID, Device fingerprint, Device ID, Entity ID, Person ID, IBAN, SWIFT, Phone, Signature, & more, legally binding proof.

Chargeback Management

Our custom solution addresses every stage of the process, from customer service during approval … all the way through revenue recovery and “chain of custody” for criminal prosecution.

3 ways to prevent intentional friendly fraud and policy abuse fraud

x SignedApproval™ Instant chargeback fraud reporting to bank security authorities

Join Thousands Of Protected Businesses

Identifying & Stopping Chargeback Fraud In It’s Tracks In “Real-Time” 

x SignedApproval™ Security Partners

x SignedApproval™ Is Backed By An A-List Of Corporate Banking and Finance Security Experts

Investors, partners, information sharing agreements, credit reporting agencies, security investigation associations, finance underwriters. Superior A-list brands as pictured


Security Dashboard Quick detection

24/7 Monitoring by certified SA technicians to insure your dashboard is always ready to identify and report fraud in real time as it happens.



Banking fraud detection system approved


When nothing but total protection from chargeback fraud is your goal, there is only one choice.  x SignedApproval


Creditors, banks, insurance companies, count on us. Why?

Guaranteed 100% protection from  all “friendly fraud” chargebacks filed against your company, resolved in under 14 days!

Fully Optimized: The Only Fraud Protection You Need

Get started now and save thousand on startup costs, training and system equipment fees,

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